SUBMITTERS COMMENT: Spotted this while going through a friend’s facebook newsfeed and was shocked at the terrible quality, what’s even more shocking is that the artist/studio gets a lot of business somehow.
WHAT’S AWFUL: Thin and wobbly lines, clumsy, patchy shading, even worse than the standard of tattoo skill itself is the quality of the design. Just look at that hand!! This person has no clue about proportions or drawing figures. Clearly this girl shouldn’t be a tattoo “artist” if she can’t draw to begin with! Yikes.

It’s a great idea but uh.. yeah
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    It’s a great idea but uh.. yeah
  2. toecutterthumbbuster said: I mean, the shading could definitely use improvement. But overall this is no where near the kinds of shitty tattoos normally on this blog… Just looks like an apprentice did it.
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  4. oktaviasgrief said: She looks like a soon to become meth addict
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